Tales of Darkwell

Do you love the comfort and familiarity found in a series, but prefer the solid endings of a standalone novel? Then the Tales of Darkwell Fantasy Series is perfect for you! Each story in this anthology is a standalone so the books can be read in any order. 

Snake Charm of the Oracle

A dark fantasy adventure about loyalty, revenge and redemption.

Snake Charm of the Oracle by Kal Locksley
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A tale spanning over a thousand years, three stories divided by time, intertwined in ways our heroes could never imagine.

DUSTIN wants nothing more than to unlock the lost secrets of magic, preferring to spend his days in the hidden corners of the castle library. But when an ancient statue comes to life, declaring DUSTIN the only one who can retrieve the NECROMANCER’S Resurrection spell, he finds that saying no to destiny is easier than saying no to a king. To retrieve the spell, he must travel deep into Serapen, home to the scaled and venomous Viperae. Thankfully, the King has provided an escort. EOSTRA, a warrior with eyes the color of death, another of the NECROMANCER’S creations.

Before even reaching Serapen, they discover that things are not as they appear. A simple quest turns into a mission to save not only their own home, but the continent of Darkwell from impending evil, and complete destruction.

Upon a Murder

A fantasy fairy tale retelling with a whodunnit twist

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A forgotten kingdom...

An enemy hiding in the shadows...

An ancient evil stirs...

Hunter returns home to attend a funeral. Before he can leave, he is arrested for killing the King of Crows. To be free of Faedon, he must track down the actual killer and return the Thief’s Coin to the House of Crows. 

Things become more complicated when other leaders are murdered . Hunter soon realises that there is more at stake than just his freedom.